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    I am circulating this message after receiving prior permission via
    Bart De Pontieuu because of its commercial nature.   Anyone who is
    interested in the publication(s) should please contact me direct rather
    than taking up space on the mailing list.
    During the 1980s and 1990s Nicholas L Johnson of Teledyne Brown 
    Engineering and later Kaman Sciences wrote a series of annual reports 
    in the series "The Soviet Year In Space" (1981-1990) which evolved 
    into "Europe And Asia In Space" for the years 1991-1992 and 1993-1994.   
    It is probable that you are familiar with these publications.   
    Following Mr Johnson taking a position within NASA these reports 
    ceased publication.
    I have decided to publish an unofficial replacement Report which will 
    hopefully become an annual publication: "CIS SPACE ACTIVITY 2000".   
    My plan is to have the Report taken to the printers around January 
    31st 2001 and then copies will be mailed out as soon as they come back 
    from the printer.
    A list of contents of the Report is given at the end of this e-mail.   
    It is possible that additional sections might be added in the 
    meantime, but the list represents the minimum sections to be included.
    Unlike Mr Johnson's reports, "CIS SPACE ACTIVITY 2000" will be a 
    commercial venture.   Using "L" for the "pounds sterling" symbol, the 
    basic Report cost will be L45.   Adding on the cost of postage and 
    packing - and, for non-UK purchasers, an additional amount to cover 
    what the bank charges for any overseas transactions - the total 
    amounts will be:-
    Within the UK (first class delivery)                         L48.75
    Within Europe (air mail delivery)                            L59.50
    Rest of the World (air mail, printed material delivery)      L63.20
    I have kept the price as low as possible to ensure that the cost will 
    be within the range of the seriously-interested non-professional as 
    well as affordable by the professionals interested in this subject.
    If you wish to purchase a copy of Report then you can either contact 
    me by post, fax (+44 1424 715286) or e-mail and I will send you a pro 
    forma invoice to cover the cost of the Report.   Alternatively you 
    could arrange the appropriate payment without an initial invoice and I 
    will issue a receipted invoice upon receipt of your payment.
    In addition you might be interested in a companion Report which I am 
    also planning to have ready at the beginning of February next year: 
    "CHINESE SPACE ACTIVITY, 1996-2000".   The bulk of the work on that 
    Report will be complete by the end of this year and if you are 
    interested in this Report then please contact me and I will let to you 
    know a final price during the second week of January 2001: the price
    will be  more in line with the other Reports published by the Molniya
    Space Consultancy, at around L100, plus postage/packing.   Although
    intended to take the year-end as a cut-off, I shall be including Shen
    Zhou 2 if it is launched as expected on January 5th, 2001 for a ~7
    days flight.
    I hope to hear from you regarding either or both of these Reports, but 
    if you have any queries before placing an order then please do not 
    hesitate to contact me.
    Phillip Clark
        Part 1      Status of the CIS Space Programme
                    (sections still to be written here)
        Part 2      Launch Sites                                  
                    2.1   Introduction                      
                    2.2   Baikonur Launch Site              
                    2.3   Kapustin Yar Launch Site          
                    2.4   Plesetsk Launch Site              
                    2.5   Svobodny Launch Site              
        Part 3      Launch Vehicles                               
                    3.1   Introduction                      
                    3.2   Long-Standing Launch Vehicles     
                    3.3   Newly-Introduced Launch 
                    3.4   Brief Review of Future Launch
        Part 4      Communications Satellites                     
                    4.1   Introduction                      
                    4.2   Strela-3 and Gonets Satellites    
                    4.3   Molniya-1 and Molniya-3 
                    4.4   Civil Ekran-M, Gorizont and
                          Ekspress Satellites               
                    4.5   Other Civil Communications
                    4.6   Military Raduga and Raduga-1
                    4.7   Military Geizer Satellites        
        Part 5      Navigation and Geodetic Satellites            
                    5.1   Introduction                      
                    5.2   Military Parus Satellites         
                    5.3   Civilian Tsikada Satellites       
                    5.4   Uragan Satellites in the 
                          GLONASS System                    
        Part 6      Meteorological and Remote Sensing
                    6.1   Introduction                      
                    6.2   Meteor-2 Satellites               
                    6.3   Meteor-3 and Meteor-3M 
                    6.4   The GOMS System                   
                    6.5   Resurs-O1 Satellites              
                    6.6   Okean-O1 Satellites               
                    6.7   Okean-O Satellites                
                    6.8   Resurs-F1(M) and Resurs-F2(M) 
                    6.9   Remote Sensing from the Mir 
        Part 7      Military Intelligence-Gathering
                    7.1   Introduction                      
                    7.2   Photoreconnaissance Satellites    
                    7.3   Ocean Reconnaissance Satellites   
                    7.4   Early Warning Satellites          
                    7.5   ELINT Satellites                  
                    7.6   Minor Military Satellites         
        Part 8      Piloted Space Programmes                      
                    8.1   Introduction                      
                    8.2   The Mir Complex                   
                    8.3   The International Space Station   
        Part 9      Foreign Satellite Launches                    
                    9.1   Introduction                      
                    9.2   Marketing Russian Engines Abroad  
                    9.3   Launches Using Cosmos-3M          
                    9.4   Launches Using Dnepr              
                    9.5   Launches Using Four-Stage 
                    9.6   Launches Using Rokot              
                    9.7   Launches Using Soyuz-U/Fregat     
                    9.8   Launches Using Start-1            
                    9.9   Launches Using Zenit-3SL          
        Appendix 1  List of CIS Satellite Launches, 2000          
        Appendix 2  The Cosmonaut Team                            
        Appendix 3  Russian Discussion of RORSAT and
                       EORSAT Development                         
        Appendix 4  Launch Records for Pre-1995 Retired
    Phillip S Clark                                     22 Winterbourne Close
    Molniya Space Consultancy                           Hastings
    Compiler/Publisher, Worldwide Satellite Launches    E Sussex  TN34 1XG
    Specialist in "space archeology" - the older and more obscure the more 
    interesting it is !
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