Re: Resolution of a satellite as seen from the ground

From: Marc Bradshaw (
Date: Sat Dec 30 2000 - 01:46:09 PST

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    There's always something you haven't thought about when thinking along
    these lines. I would have to say it's not so simple. I wouldn't like to
    put put money on it, but methinks perhaps it's because the Earth when
    viewed from space is much brighter than a satellite when viewed from
    Earth. Or perhaps it's a contrast issue; ISS and most other orbiting
    stuff is either "on or off". Sound reasonable anyone?
    Then again, what kind of gear ($$$) do you need to take a 1m res picture
    of a place on the Earth from a sat?
    Regards, Marc Bradshaw
    37.028N  138.254E  75M
    Tom Wagner wrote:
    > To the group:
    > I have not been into satellite observing for a long time so what seems new
    > to me is probably old hat or at least common sense to many others. My (new)
    > thought is this: I have been impressed with the detail that has been
    > recorded in the pictures of the ISS and other orbiting hardware as seen from
    > below. However, I recently thought about the fact that taking a picture from
    > the ground looking up shouldn't be any different than taking a picture from
    > orbit looking down. If satellites can resolve things smaller than a meter
    > across then with good optical equipment, we should be able to do the same
    > when looking at the satellite.
    > Is this sound reasoning?
    > Tom
    > Iowa
    > USA
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