Re: ISS briefly brighter than Venus

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Sat Dec 30 2000 - 07:00:27 PST

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    Ed Cannon reported from 30.3086N, 97.7279W:
    > Last night (about 0:53:30-0:55:30 Dec 30 UTC) I was watching
    > what proved to be a very bright ISS pass, very nearly as
    > bright as Jupiter, when it flared briefly -- about one or
    > two seconds -- to brighter than Venus; then it dropped back
    > to -2.5 or so and then finally gradually faded as it went
    > into the Earth's shadow.
    We observed the same pass from 26.2157N, 97.6810W.  While it was very
    bright, I saw no flare, although I was watching for one.
    Question, mostly for Rob Matson, I suppose:  are negative observations
    useful in  modeling ISS flares?
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