Re: ISS briefly brighter than Venus

From: Ron Lee (
Date: Sat Dec 30 2000 - 07:28:48 PST

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    I Observed the same pass from Falcon, CO.  First saw ISS at about
    00:51:30 UT.  Much brighter than Deneb.  Perhaps approaching Jupiter
    but lots of thin clouds hampered that determination.
    It was a 73 degree elevation pass at azimuth 221.   I looked for a
    major flaring but did not note one.   Just normal brightening as it
    got higher.
    Ron Lee
    >> Last night (about 0:53:30-0:55:30 Dec 30 UTC) I was watching
    >> what proved to be a very bright ISS pass, very nearly as
    >> bright as Jupiter, when it flared briefly -- about one or
    >> two seconds -- to brighter than Venus; then it dropped back
    >> to -2.5 or so and then finally gradually faded as it went
    >> into the Earth's shadow.
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