December 29th Pass of ISS over Golden Gate Bridge--as bright as Saturn!

Date: Sat Dec 30 2000 - 14:38:42 PST

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    We were looking for an orange ISS last night at the 18:23 PST pass of ISS 
    over the Golden Gate Bridge--it was still glorious as it went from north to 
    south, just below the Crescent Moon and Venus!  The color and magnitude were 
    approximately as Saturn.  
    The 18:58 pass of Mir from Cygnus to Altair was not visible to me--there was 
    a lot of haze.
    We did see a ?? flare in Cygnus between the west arm of the cross (gamma 
    Cygni?) and the center star about 18:20 PST.  It was about + 2.5 magnitude, 
    and it repeated in about 1 minute.  I have seen this "flare" before in 
    November 3rd, of 1987, on the way home from a Star Trek Convention.  
    Any thoughts as to what this might be?
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