Awesome ISS pass!

From: Robert Smathers (SSSSC Sat Shack) (
Date: Sat Dec 30 2000 - 19:32:26 PST

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    Now, this wasn't awesome for the magnitude or color of it (Polaris
    magnitude pass, gold color; both as expected due to observations I've
    made since the solar cell panals were added).  It was awesome as
    it was a pass where there was an occultation of the moon!
    The ISS passed just by the upper lit part of the crescent moon.  Had
    I known about it beforehand, I would have set up a telescope to view
    the ISS pass through the field of view.  Nevertheless, it was fun
    to watch it makes its pass around 6:25pm and see how it might make
    it to the moon and then watch it actually occult the moon as my hopes
    and wishes came true.
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