IDSat - my program to help identify observed satellites

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Sun Dec 30 2001 - 21:33:54 EST

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    IDSat assists in the identification of observed satellites, by computing
    and tabulating close appulses of known satellites relative to the
    observed time and position. It was inspired by, and is conceptually
    similar to Mike McCants' Findsat program, but provides additional
    information, and includes various convenience features.
    In addition to reporting appulse time and position difference, IDSat
    provides the predicted visual magnitude, radar cross-section area (RCS),
    direction of travel, angular velocity and estimated prediction accuracy.
    IDSat automatically detects and decodes observations input in the IOD
    and U.K. formats, including Russell Eberst's variant of the latter. It
    also reads Findsat's *.ctl input files.
    The program obtains size and magnitude data from a file derived from my
    database. Mike McCants' quicksat.mag may be used as an alternative.
    The program's operation can by customized somewhat by editing its
    initialization file.
    IDSat is an MS-DOS program, developed and tested within DOS windows
    running under Windows 95 and Windows XP Professional.
    Mike McCants has kindly made the program available for download on the
    programs page of his web site; look for
    Ted Molczan
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