Re: STS 113 proximity to ISS after undocking from ISS

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Mon Dec 02 2002 - 20:02:34 EST

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    About 45 minutes ago I saw the beautiful 47 degree high pass of the pair. It
    was nice! A first for me. They appeared to be going slower than what I am
    used to. That I'm sure was an illusion. Very peaceful---a lot like the NOSS
    The leading unit was slightly yellow and a little bit less bright than the
    I was busy taping it with the school's digital-8 camera. They were easily
    seen in the viewfinder. Toward the end of the pass when I was trying to
    rearrange the video camera I noticed that only one was in the view finder.
    One had gone into shadow. That's the trouble with trying to preserve what I
    am seeing and seeing it at the same time. I am however glad to have seen
    what I did!
    We were very fortunate because it clouded up only minutes after the pass.
    Besides that it was coooold outside.
    Anybody know how many degrees apart they were apart at about 00:00 GMT?
    Best regards,
    NE Iowa
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    > Twilight "Heads up!" ....the nominal separation is four seconds.  This may
    be a very nice sight....
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