X-37B landing

From: Ed Cannon (edcannonsat@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Dec 01 2010 - 07:09:17 UTC

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    If it happens during those days, it looks like it 
    will be sometime after 6:00 AM local time on one of 
    the appointed mornings.  Here's a link:
    The coordinates are probably not exactly right, since 
    I used the map function to get the site.
    There's a ground-track feature for any given pass.
    Currently the highest pass is on December 4.
    Since sunrise is just before 7:00 AM, I'm wondering 
    if they might need to boost the orbit a little to get 
    it to land in daylight, which I would assume they 
    would want to do.  But maybe landing 30 minutes or so 
    before sunrise would be acceptable.  
    Thanks to the person who asked me the question that
    prompted me to consider this.  I wouldn't have 
    thought of it on my own, since I'm nowhere near
    Good luck to early risers in California!
    Oh, if it were to land as late as December 7, there
    is a visible pass over Hawaii, so maybe the re-entry
    plasma trail might be visible from there (?), in
    such a case.
    Ed Cannon - Austin, Texas, USA
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