Fobos-Grunt: Changing brightness observed. 7 Dec 2011 0028Z, Colorado US

Date: Wed Dec 07 2011 - 00:49:45 UTC

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    All previous observed passes were southwest to northeast.  Those showed a steady magnitude other than phase again/distance changes although there was a steeper than expected drop after culmination.
    This one was basically west to east in the north.  Max elevation 19 degrees.
    Picked it up in binoculars about 00:28:30 (HH:MM:SS) UTC in the Ursa Major (Big Dipper) handle.  It seemed to get a bit brighter than initial obs and soon noticeably decreased in brightness.  It got brighter and I guess the period at 30 seconds.  This is very rough since the brightness change is relatively flat.
    Brightness did decrease again but it entered the shadow before I could see if it brightened once more.
    Ron Lee
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