FitSat-1/Niwaka - Observing the flashing LEDs

Date: Sat Dec 01 2012 - 19:56:14 UTC

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    First tests with the flashing LEDs have been performed on the 26th of November,
    and others are planned for the following days (maybe after the full Moon).
    In order to help understanding the opportunities of observing the flashing 
    a special page has been created at the online tracking program. In this page a
    green area is drawn around the satellite position highlighting the locations 
    the LED should be observable with binoculars.
    In addition, a special function has been added to allow users to automatically 
    find out 
    the best passes to observe the LEDs. For each pass, the system shows the 
    magnitude (according to the information currently available). 
    The page is available along with instructions and details at the following 
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