OTV-3 launch

From: Greg Roberts (grr@telkomsa.net)
Date: Tue Dec 11 2012 - 18:55:19 UTC

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    Good evening.... what a FANTASTIC sight!!!!! Probably the most beautiful I have 
    ever seen as OTV3 passed over followed by a brighter object which was probably 
    the second stage, but what made it even more beautiful was the extremely bright 
    fan ahead of it-probably caused by hydrogen venting from the second stage. I got 
    numerous photographs as well as some video which I will be posting on my 
    FACEBOOK page probably tomorrow. When I first saw the object come into the field 
    of view I thought it was the landing lights of an aircraft- as I could hear one 
    buzzing around - so I let it pass through the field of view. I then waited a few 
    seconds and thought I had better set on the culmination position and sure enough 
    again had the plume followed by a satellite followed by a brighter one. I 
    followed the train until it passed behind some buildings at 9 degrees elevation 
    as the plume continued to get fainter and fainter.
    What a fantastic sight and congrats to Ted - your predictions were SPOT ON!!!
    Cheers - will now go and observe a few other much less exciting satellites!
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