re: Negative on OTV-3

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Wed Dec 12 2012 - 20:26:53 UTC

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    Brad wrote:
    > Not seen 12:00-12:40 UT....
    It was attempted unsuccessfully from here also.  The 
    temperature was about 30-32 deg. F (or -1 to -0.5 C) with 
    no wind.  Very pretty sky.  I saw one very nice -2 Geminid 
    Regarding another message, Skymed 4 did a nice flare here.
    To those who may not know, all four of the Skymeds can do
    very nice long-lasting flares.  I almost always look for 
    Three more strays were two Long March rockets and an old
    non-classified DMSP that did three very nice double-flash
    maxima.  That was 87-53A, 18123.  Thank you to Mike McCants 
    for all of the IDs as well as the predictions in advance 
    for OTV-3.
    I also had predictions for two negative magnitude Iridium
    flares, from Iridium 18 and 98, and both were very bright.
    Ed Cannon
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