High altitude unknown

From: Rick Baldridge (rickbaldridge@comcast.net)
Date: Sun Dec 16 2012 - 07:35:28 UTC

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    Put together a time-lapse video tonight of the Geminid Meteor Shower, I
    noticed a VERY slow moving object near the Pleiades - evidently a very high
    altitude satellite.  
    Video is at:   http://youtu.be/By7kMWIRxvg    Satellite appears at the 1:07
    mark on the video -- just below the Pleiades, west of the Hyades heading SW
    to NE.  Attained about mag 5.0 from rough measurements.
    My location 37.262, -121.977 Alt 72m the object becomes visible at 10:59pm
    PST December 13th 2012  (06:59 UT Dec 14) and is last visible at 11:05pm.
    Object shows on 24 frames I took at 15 second intervals (6 minutes).  
    Video is rendered 2 frames (1/15 sec) per 15 second photo, or a 225 time
    speed increase from normal.  (Meteors do show up as very brief flashes.)
    Can someone ID this?  Thanks in advance.
    Rick Baldridge
    Campbell, CA
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