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Date: Sun Dec 16 2012 - 11:30:04 UTC

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    Hi Petter,
    On 16/12/12 06:39, Petter Aslaksen wrote:
    > I see the elsets are old. Any suggestions on what to do? Picking up a
    > retrograde satellite with my shotgun photograpy approach should be
    > feasible, right?
    It is certainly feasible! It depends on how wide your field of view is 
    and how sensitive your camera and lens are. In an earlier post you 
    mentioned owning a 50mm F/1.4; this would be a good lens to use as it is 
    both very sensitive and has a large field of view.
    As for finding Ofeq-5, this satellite has not been seen for 630 days so 
    the orbital elements will no longer be accurate (both because of drag, 
    but also because of possible maneuvers). To find Ofeq-5 you will have to 
    perform a planar search. See for an explanation.
    To illustrate that post, here are 5 plots showing the movement of the 
    Ofeq 5 plane from your location at 31.7361N, 6.0422E for yesterday evening.
    Each of the numbered yellow/gray lines is prediction for an object in 
    the Ofeq 5 plane but with a different mean anomaly (the number indicates 
    the mean anomaly). The length of the line indicates the movement of that 
    object over the next 60s. When the line is yellow the object is 
    illuminated by the Sun; gray lines indicate they are in the shadow of 
    the Earth and hence not visible.
    To preform a planar search you will have to track the illuminated part 
    of the plane. Depending on the field of view you may have to reposition 
    your camera as often as every 10 or 15 minutes.
    I hope these suggestions make sense.
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