Re: Optical 20 Dec 2012

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Fri Dec 21 2012 - 14:37:19 UTC

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    Hi Kevin
    Highly likely. Its not the first time Ive seen an unknown as bright as this in 
    almost exact region of the sky so it would not surprise me at all. It would 
    appear that all the Essaim satellites have been deactivated and dropped to lower 
    orbits to speed up their decay so the elements we have in CLASSIFIED.TLE are 
    wildly out. But we have two experts so maybe they can come up with answers :-))
    Thanks for working out the rough orbit - Im so tired and lazy at the moment that 
    Im just doing the minimum - actually Im trying to make a decent video out of my 
    NK sat last night -- starting with 1 hr video occupying about 1 GByte and then 
    cutting out two minutes of that - slowly coming right but its a case of giving a 
    monkey a pencil and one day he might scribble something that looks intelligent!
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