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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sun Dec 23 2012 - 13:25:31 UTC

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    Many thanks Chiayk
    Ive been battling a bit to get YouTube to show what I upload - something odd 
    somewhere :-))
    Here is another go at the NK satellite where I think I got the still frame 
    sequences to show okay.
    Its only a small download so maybe worth having a look at again.
    Ive also uploaded a video of the NK rocket - again not 100% ? but also small in 
    This one will get the UFO nuts really excited as they will say the rocket is 
    being "abducted by aliens"  or certain western hemisphere news reporters will 
    say the satellite is "completely out of control" --- unfortunately nothing as 
    exciting as that - it just shows that the satellite was moving faster than my 
    tracking mount could keep up with the satellite as it went through culmination 
    ,and eventually it was able to almost catch up again after passing culmination. 
    The mount then stopped tracking and the satellite was visible for a few more 
    seconds before it went into earths shadow.
    I still want to post an OTV3 video but trying to find where things are going 
    wonky before I post again. Im using VideoPad Video Editor - a nice program ( 
    sometimes!) but I think Im a bit too stupid for it.
    Willie Koorts posted the video of the OTV3 spectacular show produced over 
    Southern Africa that I captured - a few days later it appeared in the UFO 
    fraternity as one of the "best UFO's in December" - of course they removed all 
    the text saying what it was!    One of the reasons why I deliberately left in 
    the "weird" behaviour of the rocket in the video !  The planetarium in 
    Johannesburg is using the video in their Xmas "Star of Bethlehem" presentation - 
    with Willies permission.
    Of course my video's is spoilt by the numerous dead pixels - one of the reasons 
    why I stopped using video for satellite work.
    Merry Xmas
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