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 Here are my best guesses at the reentry event locations and times ...



L+ time
Blackout Starts
4h 13m 41s
Peak Heating
4h 15m 03s
Blackout Ends
4h 16m 11s
Drogue Chutes Deployed
4h 19m 31s
Main Chutes Deployed
4h 20m 41s
Orion Splashdown
4h 23m 29s

At the beginning of the blackout (plasma heating starts) the vehicle will be visible above a 10° elevation angle for up to 350 nmi.  As it decends toward chute deployments of course this distance become much smaller.  It will be daylight during the reentry, so I'm unsure how 'visible' it will be.





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I checked for flights into and out of the Los Angeles (LA)
area this morning at the expected time of entry interface
and found three "possible" flights that may have a chance
to see it.

"Possible" since I do not know how far away re-entry can be

The flights are UAL 870, JAL 66 and FDX 77.  A while later
I thought that a few flights further away might be more
likely to see the event if it occurs closer to the horizon
and naturally in their line of sight.

I used to check on flights.

If there are reports of UFOs or similar this may be a way to
confirm their sighting.

Ron Lee

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