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 Good point, Ron.  2nd stage entry interface is around 30.0° lat, -147.7° long.  

At that location it probably won't be visible from Hawaii, but it is just a little north of the great circle flight path from SF to Honolulu.  And the sun is below the horizon at that location for an on time launch.  

I don't have an orbit estimate for the 2nd stage reentry, but I'd estimate the reentry time to be around 1610 to 1615 UTC, ±5 or 10 minutes, for an on time launch.


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The other point is that the second stage (upper stage?) should also re-enter
somewhere close. That object can be expected to breakup and have multiple
pieces burning up so that may increase the odds that something will be seen.

It would be neat to be on the aircraft that is supposed to take temperature
readings of the capsule.

Ron Lee

> At the beginning of the blackout (plasma heating starts) the vehicle will
> be visible above a 10° elevation angle for up to 350 nmi.  As it decends
> toward chute deployments of course this distance become much smaller.  It
> will be daylight during the reentry, so I'm unsure how 'visible' it will
> be.

> Daryl

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