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Date: Sat, 06 Dec 2014 17:18:29 -0500
On 12/6/2014 4:27 PM, Greg Roberts via Seesat-l wrote:

> Here in South Africa we are now experiencing power load shedding -
> currently three times a week due to the inability of our inefficient
> and corrupt power utility - which has the monopoly incidentally - so
> they do what they like , and guess what - I am without power in the
> early part of the evening so am unable to track, even if clear. The
> indications are that the situation is getting worse as we are
> currently in summer where power requirements are not so high, but
> come winter there are indications that the entire power grid may
> collapse and it will not be possible to start it up again!!!

Sorry to hear about this, and it's interesting that South Africa's power
requirements are higher in the winter.  Here in the US, when we have
power shedding or brownouts, it's in the summer, due to the air
conditioning load on the electrical system (in the winter, localized
power outages are triggered by snow and ice bringing down trees onto
power lines, predictably bringing calls to bury them (the lines), which 
the electrical utilities resist on cost grounds).

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