Re: unid ( globalstar ) seen

From: Scott Tilley via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2014 21:27:46 -0800
Hi Kevin

On Nov 24, 2014, I observed the first step of the maneuver of Globalstar 
56's retirement.  In discussion off list we concluded the UNID I saw 
then to be Globalstar related.  In my attempt to identify the UNID at 
the time (my record # 99174)  I discovered that Globalstars raise their 
orbits in 'baby steps' when they retire.  Your observation confirms this 

See page 7:

I had taken my observation before SpaceTrack had updated their TLE so it 
came up as an UNID when I observed.

Knowing this we can be suspicious of objects with Globalstar 
inclinations of ~52 degrees...

Hope this helps.


On 14-12-20 06:18 PM, Kevin Fetter via Seesat-l wrote:
> The orbital plane was near globalstar 56's one. Since globalstar 56 wasn't observed when predicted, the unid is Globalstar 56. So they have raised it's orbit.
> Kevin

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