ANGARA 5 launch

From: Greg Roberts via Seesat-l <>
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2014 13:19:25 +0200




After recovering from the Christmas festivities I found the following on 
the RSG Facebook page.

Deon van Rooyen, as well as several other people, observed what appears 
to have been part of the placing of the Breeze-M upper stage from the 
new Russian ANGARA 5 rocket launched earlier that day ( 0557GMT 23 
December 2014) into graveyard orbit . Deon uploaded a video of the event 
which he recorded at 1430 GMT - the last test associated with placing 
the dummy stage in graveyard orbit was scheduled to take place t 1457 GMT.

I had cloudy weather but would not have seen it as I was not aware of 
the exact details of the ANGARA 5 test.

Guess this is another sighting that will go into the UFO database with 
the incorrect identification - ie as a "real" UFO instead of as a known 
object. If further details of Deons observations, and those of others, 
are required I can probably get the full story.


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