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Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2014 12:51:47 -0800
Hi Marco:

Not a problem. I only saw one video and it was quite clear that the appearance during that interval was most likely caused by a reentry. I think we are getting close to figuring it out with one likely candidate being a Falcon 9 rocket body. More to come....

Paul D. Maley


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 Subject: Re: Brazil fireball
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 PAUL MALEY via Seesat-l
 schreef op 28-12-2014 om 21:03:
 > I
 disagree with Marco. Having seen a number of reentries
 before, this has a
 > classical signature.
 The fragmentation, dispersement in the train, lingering
 > objects that do not disappear, and the
 velocity. This looks like a spacecraft
 reentry to me.
 In the first video it looked faster than in the
 other imagery, that is why I 
 kept open the
 option of a meteoric fireball. Meteorite falls can feature
 the same things: notably abundant
 fragmentation with the formation of a train of 
 fragments, where different fragments can be
 followed for a long time, etcetera. 
 That is
 not restricted to re-entries.
 Now more imagery is in, and with the find of
 what indeed appears to be space 
 debris, it
 is becoming clear this was a re-entry indeed (likely from
 one of the 
 launches of the past few days),
 to that I agree!
 - Marco
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