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Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2014 11:34:07 +0100
Ted Molczan via Seesat-l schreef op 31-12-2014 om 5:36:

> (a) the house lies on the track of the rocket (within 2 kilometres of the track given above);
> (b) the window broken faces approximately north towards fields, where there was no possibility of stones being thrown up
> by passing vehicles;
> (c) the window was broken some time after 17.30 hrs;
> (d) the window was not shattered but had a clean hole made in it, indicating a high speed;
> (e) the stone has two surfaces covered with a black coating similar to that found on meteorites;
> (f) geologists who have been consulted cannot recognise a natural rock having similar appearance and possessing a
> density of 2.83;
> (g) general appearance indicates that the rock has been heated to an exceedingly high temperature.
> The rock is a ceramic, bluish grey in colour and very hard, and from an X-ray fluorescence analysis, the following
> composition was obtained: iron 100 parts, barium 75 parts, strontium 30 parts, manganese 20 parts, zinc 10 parts, copper
> 5 parts, yttrium 5 parts. The above accounts for less than 5 % of the whole sample."

The object on the photo looks like pieces of industrial slag I have seen. So 
that would be my first interpretation of it, rather than space debris, unless 
something in the composition/morphology suggests otherwise and clearly connects 
it to space debris.

Note that each year I get several reports (as potential "meteorites") of objects 
that did damage, including objects that went through windows. Invariably it is 
accompanied by "reasons" (as in the BAA article) why it/the damage "cannot" have 
a terrestrial origin. Over the past 20 years none of it however was a genuine 
meteorite or space debris. So be careful there.

- Marco

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