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From: Björn Gimle via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sun, 6 Dec 2015 19:19:22 +0100
Like Greg I have recently started using 2.4.9 on my Win 8.1.
Like you, I mainly use it to identify observations (visual or photographic)
On my wife's laptop W7 I still use 2.4.1, but my old XP and 8.0 ran several
intermediate versions.

A major problem is that (at least recent versions) do not show 'All' passes
on the Sky screen, not even all those predicted on the Calculations/Passes
screen. And I can't find the missing ones either by clicking in Passes
list, setting the time on the guessed culmination and guess the culmination
azimuth, OR choosing in the list of Sky/Chart+Find satellite on sky.
Only the 'User list' appears to be completely predicted.

The only reliable workaround is to locate a star within 5 degrees of the
track and find its SAO or HR number, go to Calculations/Star approaches
from a few minutes before. Then each of the probable objects must be added
to the User list/Select, and the prediction regenerated, so it can be
clicked on one at a time, or the Sky time browsed near the selected star
and across the time interval.

I do not rely on any program to download SpaceTrack data - I prefer to
control it myself (and also download and and be
able to occasionally select subsets and historic elsets.

Björn Gimle, COSPAR 5919
59.2617 N, 18.6169 E, 51 m
Satellite observation formats described:

2015-12-06 2:50 GMT+01:00 tom via Seesat-l <>:

> Anyone happen to know if a version of Heavensat compatible with Windows 7
> was ever released? My version almost locks up the PC. His web-site comes up
> blank. Is there another sat software that allows download of Spacetrack
> info. and entry of time/sky location to identify sats?
> --
> Tom
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