RE: RE: 2015-071 launch objects - Cosmos 2511 was double

From: Jon . via Seesat-l <>
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2015 18:46:39 +0100

Alain, the other object you watched is now catalogued. Is called
"Object-D". Your observation matches pretty well with the both TLE time
separation when passing over Paris at this time.

Now both objects should be re-entered.

The #41098, 15-071A should be the Volga upper stage with the Kosmos 2511
satellite attached and the second piece may be a debris from 15-071A that
could be released by the two pieces maybe. Object D is #41102, 15-071D.

NORAD says that the main piece, "A" object re-entered 2015/12/08 at 5:43
UTC +- 1 minute. This is close to what GMAT/SatEvo says.
There are no decay messages of NORAD about the "D" object. Hoewer, assuming
that the "D" object is a debris piece of the Volga-Kosmos 2511 satellite,
it is logical to think that Object D had an earlyer decay and in
consequence a much less Area/mass relationship (larger size with less mass
in proportion), typical of debris. GMAT propagates till decay the 08 Dec
2015 at 03:07 UTC aprox, about 10 hours later of you observation. This fits
with the theory.


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