SV: 1593 About PAGEOS ?
Thu, 1 Feb 1996 14:45:52 +0100

Lutz Schindler  asked why 05994 had the designation 63-14 DA.

I think this has been discussed in seesat-l a while ago.
USSPACECOM / NORAD made an incorrect identification with a piece
of the Westford Needles package from Midas 6.

I made an 'egrep' search in the archive for Pageos, and it was in
the headlines ten times in mails 805-869, while it was decaying.
Quit a few mails before and after that mention Pageos, and you
can see that 05994 is referred to as 66 56J in mail 594, but
63 14DA in 778 (and others). I can't say which mail(s) describe
the situation correctly.

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egrep Pageos latest/*
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latest/1487:57:project the goal would be to observe the Pageos rocket  =20
(66- 56 B) in
latest/158:34:66- 56 B d     Pageos 1 rocket: sharp double maximum
latest/1593:13:Subject: About PAGEOS ?
latest/1593:26:In this file the PAGEOS fragment is named with
latest/1593:30:appendix is written, that PAGEOS was launched in 1966.
latest/206:33:66- 56 B d     Pageos 1 rocket: sharp double maximum
latest/299:57:66- 56 B d 338     Pageos 1 rocket: sharp double maximum
latest/396:145:66- 56 B d  95-03-22 LB  29.2  2255/Pageos 1 rocket: sharp =20=
double maximum
latest/43:121:66- 56 B d     Pageos 1 rocket: sharp double maximum
latest/594:140:02253   66 56A    Pageos (A)      5.0  2.8 0.0 0.0 2.6
latest/594:141:02255 t 66 56B    Pageos Rk       3.5  6.0 1.5 0.0 7.4  =20
94/10: per 17 incr
latest/594:274:05994 p 66 56J    Pageos (DA)     2.0 12.0 0.0 0.0
latest/594:374:08074 p 66 56H    Pageos (H)      2.0  8.6 0.0 0.0  27
latest/594:414:09468   66 56AH   Pageos (AH)          1.0 0.0 0.0 .15
latest/64:27:likes of Echo and Pageos in my younger days.  Mike McCants'  =20
latest/778:14:elements of Pageos fragment 63014DA (NORAD #5994). I  =20
noticed that its mean
latest/778:16:Pageos fragments are large sheets of very thin aluminized  =20
mylar. Their very
latest/778:28:few of the remaining Pageos fragments. So what about  =20
latest/780:19:Pageos DA
latest/798:22:satellite, Pageos (H) 08074, would make a pass near the  =20
zenith over
latest/800:36:Your observation of Pageos (08074) recently has the report
latest/802:14:today. For the decaying Pageos DA piece, though, thay may  =20
latest/802:23:Pageos DA + 20%
latest/802:26:Pageos DA + 10%
latest/802:29:Pageos DA
latest/802:32:Pageos DA -10%
latest/805:10:Subject: Pageos DA, PPAS timing, C* 1933 family
latest/805:55:After a little sleep, one of the large Pageos fragments,
latest/805:56:Pageos DA
latest/81:124:66- 56 B d     Pageos 1 rocket: sharp double maximum
latest/812:7:Subject: Finding 05994, Pageos DA (Thanks, Walter)
latest/812:13:Walter Nissen observed Pageos DA about 82 seconds late
latest/812:20:Pageos DA - 22% ndot2/Bstar
latest/815:13:Subject: 05994 Pageos DA: Sep.04 10:38 UT
latest/815:20:I logged an observation this morning which I believed to be =20=
the Pageos DA
latest/815:26:I caught the Pageos fragment at 05:38.  What follows is 2  =20
time points,
latest/815:35:The question is...was this the Pageos fragment.  It was  =20
more than 10
latest/815:43:Any other new Pageos observations out there to support my  =20
latest/818:12:Subject: 05994 Pageos DA
latest/818:16:>Was this the Pageos fragment?
latest/822:10:Subject: re: 05994 Pageos DA
latest/822:13:> Subject: 05994 Pageos DA: Sep.04 10:38 UT
latest/822:21:> The question is...was this the Pageos fragment.
latest/824:12:Subject: New Pageos DA elsets
latest/827:13:Pageos DA perigee increasing, watch out for late  =20
latest/833:10:Subject: re: Mir resolved in shadow??, Pageos fragment  =20
latest/833:46:Pageos DA
latest/844:15:each night, in order not to lose them. Pageos is the only  =20
latest/844:24:Pageos DA
latest/864:82:Pageos (DA)     2.0 12.0 0.0 0.0
latest/865:9:Subject: Reentry observed + Pageos.
latest/865:38:=96>NORAD 5994 (the Pageos mylar) fragmented on Sept.9 and  =20
 again on the
latest/868:12:Subject: Recent Pageos DA elsets
latest/868:18:I feared that NORAD may have lost Pageos DA for good, but  =20
it has been
latest/869:12:Subject: New Pageos DA elset
latest/869:18:Here is latest Pageos DA elset I have found:
latest/index:905:1593 About PAGEOS ?
latest/index515to1000:1161:805  Subject: Pageos DA, PPAS timing, C* 1933  =20
latest/index515to1000:1189:812  Subject: Finding 05994, Pageos DA  =20
(Thanks, Walter)
latest/index515to1000:1201:815  Subject: 05994 Pageos DA: Sep.04 10:38 UT =20=

latest/index515to1000:1213:818  Subject: 05994 Pageos DA
latest/index515to1000:1229:822  Subject: re: 05994 Pageos DA
latest/index515to1000:1237:824  Subject: New Pageos DA elsets
latest/index515to1000:1273:833  Subject: re: Mir resolved in shadow??,  =20
Pageos fragment 05994
latest/index515to1000:1401:865  Subject: Reentry observed + Pageos.
latest/index515to1000:1413:868  Subject: Recent Pageos DA elsets
latest/index515to1000:1417:869  Subject: New Pageos DA elset
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