Globalstar Prelaunch Elset; 6 Feb 98

Ron Lee (
Thu, 05 Feb 1998 18:15:49 -0700

Globalstar, Delta, 13:22 UT, 6 Feb 98
1 90909U 98-0xx A 98037.60439815  .00000500  00000-0  00000-0 0    17
2 90909  51.9950 233.7831 0032401 143.0880 125.0080 13.04500000    19

This is based on data provided by Keith Stein, and adjusted to the new
launch date.   It seems to be about 5 seconds early at the injection 
point which is good enough for me.  Folks in the southern (undefined)
part of Australia and New Zealand will have a good opportunity to see the
early stages of on-orbit payload separation.

The rocket booster should start appearing earlier after it lowers its orbit.

I assume there will be at least six pieces:  Four Globalstars, a carrier
and the rocket body.   If there are only five pieces, delete the carrier.
Of course this is just a guess.

Ron Lee