Re: Ground photo?

Wed, 11 Feb 1998 23:32:09 -0600

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From: Earl Needham <>
Date: Wednesday, February 11, 1998 12:38
Subject: Ground photo?

> Some time ago, I was browsing the WWW and I ran across a photo of the
> shuttle.  I believe the photo was taken FROM THE GROUND, and showed a fair
> amount of detail.  Bay doors were plainly open, etc.
> Unfortunately, I don't remember the address for that page.  Does anyone on
> the list have it?
> Earl
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Here's the photo I think you saw:

It was taken with a Meade 12" LX200
Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope and here's the software that will
allow you to do that -

I have the same scope but I do not have the software. I have
always thought this would be a neat thing to do.


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