Orbcomm Satellites

Thu, 19 Feb 98 10:04:37 -0500

     Some more information from Orbcomm's Flight Dynamics Group:
     1. USSPACECOM has our satellites mistagged.  We've confirmed with 
     on-board GPS data that catalog number 25161 is G1 (FM3) and 25160 is 
     G2 (FM4).  The correlation was tough to argue with, but there is still 
     a chance this will change as the objects continue to separate.
     2. The DPAF object is correctly categorized as Taurus debris.  It was 
     not part of either payload and is part of the launch vehicle as a 
     payload adapter.  
     Our Flight Dynamics Group is very much involved in the 'debris 
     community' and along with others in the LEO satellite (constellation) 
     community, is acutely aware of the sensitivity to this and other 
     debris-related issues.