RE: DMB Obs Feb 7-22
Mon, 23 Feb 98 07:46:01


David recently reported observations as shown in two lines below. David 
also earlier provided the coding for "RGO" positional observation in
a post to SeeSat-L, 
but I am having problems separating the coding information (see below).

Is there a program used for this coding that more easily breaks down the 
data into more easily readable values OR what assumptions did I assume 
incorrectly when I listed the columns?

Jeff Hunt (

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--- On Mon, 23 Feb 1998 09:42:14 +0000 wrote:

>Dear SeeSaters,
>I hope these are of use to you.  Previously they've been put out on a 
>very restricted circulation.  Note that 84-12D has accelerated, and 
>may be catching up the other members of the triplet.

          10        20        30        40        50

>7704401267598020703575095  020  12171308  +39024   2   5 
>7111002267598020704140916  010  12014233  +60476   15  5