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J. Kocijanski (
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 16:45:30 GMT

Hello.  The story below is from the CNN web site.  Does anyone know
anything more?



Californians startled by 2nd bright light

12, 1999

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<color><param>0000,0000,CCCC</param>SAN FRANCISCO</color> (AP) -- For
the second time this month, Northern Californians have spotted a bright
light in the sky.=20

People from San Francisco to Sacramento reported seeing the light about
7 p.m. Thursday night.=20

One Sacramento resident said the object was "flying higher than the
tops of trees" and appeared to have "rocket fins above the tail."=20

An astronomer who did not see the light says it was most likely a
fireball or meteor. Officials at nearby Air Force bases say the
military launched no missiles in the area last night.=20

Last Tuesday, a meteor estimated at the size of a Volkswagen streaked
across the Western sky, startling people from Las Vegas to San

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