Fun one-power conjunctions

Ed Cannon (
Mon, 15 Feb 1999 04:26:22 -0600

Saturday night (early on 14 Feb. 1999) several of us were 
fortunate enough to observe a very nice one-power event.  
GPS 2-26 Rk (23954, 96-41B) was in the NE nearing the end 
of a good pass when it and the southbound Cosmos 1242 Rk 
(12155, 81-8B) crossed within about 9 or 10 degrees at 
about 1:44:20-24.  Then some seconds later Cosmos 1242 Rk
and the *north*bound Cosmos 1943 Rk (19120, 88-39B) 
crossed.  All three were easy one-power (mag. +2 or so)
and were all visible together, traveling in three 
different directions.

Another fun phenomenon that occurred twice within a 
couple of nights a few weeks ago was a bright satellite
adding a fourth star to the "belt" of Orion.  Each time 
the fourth "star" was lined up perfectly above the three
real stars.  One night it was Hubble Space Telescope, but 
I don't remember now which one it was on the other night.

We also had a really great -8 Iridium flare Saturday 
night.  This was at a star party, and quite a few people
were looking for it.  (By the way, Florida Today's
Extended Launch Schedule lists a planned launch of five 
more Iridiums for May 24.)

Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA