Iridium 52, 11 and ISS

Mike DiMuzio (
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 19:39:42 +0000

	Well, I decided to watch Iridium 52, and then Iridium 11 
passes this evening as I haven't seen what a tumbler (Iridium 11)
would look like.  
	Iridium 52 was on time and made a nice flare starting just
west of Betelgeuse , heading south through the bright stars
of Orion.  
	Iridium 11 was due to pass just 3 minutes later, so not
expecting a flare, I kept watch along Iridium 52's path.  At about
7:17 pm EST, I saw a bright (-1) strobe flare just past the zenith,
followed by another about 10 seconds later.  I just ran Iridium 11's
path, and these flashed do correspond to where Ididium 11 was just
east of Beta Aurigae and the other bright stars in Auriga.

	While walking back to the house, I spotted a bright satellite
passing in the north, which wass ISS making a fine pass just above
Polaris and through the bowl of the Big Dipper, vanishing into
Earth's shadow at 7:22:51 pm EST, exactly as Skymap predicted.

41.087N  80.722W 330 meters

Mike DiMuzio