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Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 09:35:41 PST

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    In a message dated 1/26/00 4:12:20 PM Eastern Standard Time, DeHBeaver0 
    > Do you know of any software that can be used for the Meade LX10? 
    >  Also, why low power eyepieces? MIR is about 200 feet in diameter (i 
    > From 200 miles away, wouldnt I need to zoom in pretty close?!  How do you 
    > make out when observing with your 6" Dobsidian? What do you see?, with for 
    > say, a 26mm eyepiece? 
    It's small, yellow-gold, and structure can be detected.  I recently tried 
    96x, but it's too fast in its lowered orbit.  Higher magnification means a 
    small field of view.  And rememeber that I'm doing this manually.
    >  But for photographing them, I assume you MUST have software. Thanks, -Ben
    I'm not into photography, but I would assume so.  I think the VSOHP Home Page 
    has info on this.
    Jonathan Wojack
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