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Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 09:30:10 PST

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    > I had tried to use my TelRad and sighting scope to manually follow another 
    >  satellite.  VERY DIFFICULT! 
    I've been practicing moving a 6" Dob to track satellites for the past 2 
    months.  I would suggest starting with some of the slower moving objects like 
    Tiros 1 (00029), Telstar 1 (00340) or EPG (16908).  
    Next I would recommend that you plot your own predictions. There are a few 
    advantages to this.  Your TLEs can be the latest released by OIG and you can 
    tailor you view of the sky quicker and easier from your hard drive than you 
    can online.  I'll typically plot several passes for a 30 minute time period.  
    If one passes within a few degrees of a star that's easy for me to locate 
    I'll make a plot that has about a 5 deg FOV and show all stars up to mag +11. 
     Now I wait for the cue from WWV and hopefully the object show up on time.  
    Moving the DOB take a bit of practice.  Last evening I tracked NOAA 15 
    (25338) for about a minute.
    In my light polluted location between Baltimore and Washington it's about the 
    only way I can observe objects like Telstar 1 and Tiros 1. 
    For the record, I'm using a Discovery 6" DHQ with a Celestron Ultima 35mm 
    eyepiece.  It provides about a 1.5 deg FOV.  
    Don Gardner  39.1796 N, 76.8419 W, 34m ASL
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