OSC, Unk, C 2369 & r Obs

From: finn@main.jetnet.ab.ca
Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 18:53:35 PST

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    I observed with my 10x50s OSC #26062 00004B pass approx 2 deg above (W)
    Procyon at 01:23:32 5 Feb UTC +/- 2 sec. Mag 4. Moments before i spotted
    another object heading the opposite direction and it was within a degree or
    two of OCS's 18 deg elevation and i as of yet have not ID'd this object. It
    appeared to have a N - S track.
    At 02:30:18 UTC +/- 2 sec Cosmos 2369 R/B #26070 00006B passed 1 deg below
    (NE) Alkaid. It was visible at 1x, Mag 3.2. When i first saw it due North of
    my location it was 'blinking' at a steady pace, less than a sec per 'blink'.
    Mag variation of 3.2 to 3.8 est. However as it moved further East the
    blinking was less noticable and the magnitude became steady. 
    Then a few moments later Cosmos 2369 #26069 00006A came along, roughly on
    the same track and passed 1 deg below (NE) Alkaid at 02:34:06 UTC +/-2 sec.
    Mag 5. 
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