C 2369 & r, OCS and ASUSAT Obs

From: finn@main.jetnet.ab.ca
Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 18:59:41 PST

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    Here are my obs of the subject objects:
    At 02:15:36 6 Feb UTC +/- 3 sec Cosmos 2369 R/B #26070 00006B passed less
    than 1 deg below (NE) Alkaid. It was visible at 1x, Mag 3.5 in some Aurora
    haze. No real variation in it's magnitude from the previous nights obs.   
    A short time later Cosmos 2369 #26069 00006A followed along, passing approx
    the same distance below (NE) Alkaid as it's companion at 02:21:39 UTC +/- 3
    sec. Mag 5. 
    A few minutes later OSC #26062 00004B was observed at 1x, mag 3 and at
    02:30:36 UTC +/- 3 sec it passed just above (W) Bellatrix in Orion. I looked
    with my 10x50s to see what was close to OCS and spotted a faint object, mag
    5.5 est trailing behind and it passed a little higher (more West) above
    Bellatrix at 02:31:05 UTC +/- 3 sec. According to the latest info, that
    object was ASUSAT #26065 00004E.
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