Re: Mir Question - Semi-Urgent!

From: Paul Becker (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 11:46:59 PST

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    Russ Johnson wrote:
    >    NASA-TV is available at no extra cost on both DirecTV and Dish 
    >Network...  You can't get it on the regular 18" dish... on Dish Network you
    >would need the "Dish500" system.
      Incorrect.  For NASA Select on Dish Network, you need a simple single
    dish and receiver aimed at their main satellite.  That's what I have.
      When it was on DISH network's 61.5 satellite, it was completely free
    and your system didn't even need to be authorized for anything.  Now
    that it has moved to the 119 satellite, it is included with any
    subscription package.
      In fact, you can get by with the *complete satellite system* for
    $24.00 (!!!!!) as long as you subscribe to America's Top 40 for
    $19.99/month for six months.  See
      BTW - I'm not affiliated with anyone selling this stuff in any way. 
    My situation was that my cable company doesn't carry NASA TV, so this
    was the cheapest option for me.
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