Re: Soyuz r/b

From: Patrice Gambaro (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 13:07:21 PST

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    >     Has anyone else observed this satellite? Does anyone have an idea when
    > this r/b will burnup? -Ben 40.5770N, 73.980W
    Check out
    for Alan Pickup's decay predictions; Soyuz R/B is predicted to decay on Feb. 19.
    I have observed it too. As you said, what makes it interesting is its speed and
    its flashes wich seem to be completely random. Its altitude is 194 x 376 km but I
    don't know of a way to know what is its altitude at the time of the observation.
    It would be interesting to know if it sustains more atmospheric drag when it's
    lower which could explain the irregular flashes.
    Another interesting object is Cosmos 895 Rocket  (226 x 232 km). It is also very
    fast and the last time I observed it, it seemed to me much brigther than the
    predicted 3.0; I don't think to be any good at estimating magnitudes but it was
    comparable to Mir at around 0.
    45.8379N, -73.9162E
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