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From: Peter Welter (ukulele@hialoha.net)
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 13:07:49 PST

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    I live on the Big Island of Hawaii near South Point at the 3500 ft elevation
    and have been making visual satellite observations for several weeks now as
    a result of community murmur. For the past several weeks, I and others with
    me have counted between 4 and 14 easily visible sightings with the naked eye
    within an hour of each sunset and sunrise. The objects appear to have
    reflected light only, traversing the heavens with a magnitude of -1 to +6.
    Sometimes these objects are only visible for a few seconds and other times
    they traverse half the sky in about a minute. 90 minutes after sunset or
    before sunrise they are no longer visible. Usually they appear overhead and
    travel towards the horizon. They often appear to weave back and forth
    slightly but this could be due to atmospheric effects.  I have seen two
    change direction. One aprox. 90 deg and one 180 deg in less then a second.
    They can traverse a fist held at arms length in 3 to 10 seconds. I am
    curious as are others. Are these normal naked eye visual sightings of
    satellites, or are we all seeing things? Just how many could be seen from
    one location at sunrise or sunset and how fast would a low earth orbit
    satellite traverse the heavens from horizon to horizon? Any replies would be
    appreciated and I won't bother you again. Aloha, Ukulele
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