ETS 6 and TDF 1, Feb 10 UTC

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 20:13:58 PST

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    One-power flashes from both ETS 6 (94-56A, 23230) and TDF 1 (88-98A,
    19621) were visible from outside the building where I work at the
    Univ. of Texas at Austin (about 30.286N, 97.739W, 150m).  This is 
    not a good observing location, but the sky was pretty clear and some 
    of the worst on-campus lights were not lit at the time.  I didn't have
    my stopwatch, so times were read in the (semi-)dark from a digital
    wristwatch.  No binoculars.
    ETS 6 flashes, the brightest brighter than Rigel during both episodes
     Episode 1:  beginning 01:44:40, seven primaries; last two fainter; 
                 approx. RA 3h 12m, Dec +1.2 to RA 3h 20m, Dec +1.0 (2000)
     Episode 2:  beginning 01:52:59, eight primaries and two secondaries;
                 last flash seen at 01:54:32 (8.25 cycles?); approx.
                 RA 4h 20m, Dec -1.1 to RA 4h 33m, Dec. -1.6 (2000)
    TDF 1, flashes, the brightest about +2.0, at first every "16" seconds,
    then every "33" seconds; approx. RA 5h 17m to 5h 20m, Dec -5.0 (2000)
     2:01:58 (I believe I missed one while writing down first three.)
     2:02:30 (fainter)
     2:03:52 (wrote a "?" indicating I wasn't sure if I really saw one)
     2:04:25 (faint but was sure of this one)
    Also saw a very good -6 flare from Iridium 59 and bright passes of 
    Globalstar 33 Rk (25911, 99-49E), TRMM (25063, 97-74A), Resurs O1-3
    Rk (23343, 94-74B), and HST (20580, 90-37B).
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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