NASA-TV, dishes et al. : off-topic?!

From: Bart De Pontieu (
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 17:04:12 PST

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    On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, Russ Johnson wrote:
    > >>This thread has moved into topics that are FAR from visual satellite
    > >>observing. Am I alone in this?
    >      The shuttle is a high-interest satellite, and its missions (as well 
    > as other SATELLITE subjects) are covered by NASA-TV. In that respect 
    > NASA-TV is a useful tool, no less useful than any other tool such as Satspy 
    > or Skymap. Are posts on these tools
    > off-topic? No. NASA-TV can be useful in visual satellite observation, and 
    > is therefore germane to this list. Count the number of recent posts 
    > concerning VISUAL OBSERVATIONS  of the Shuttle, Hubble, and Chandra  in 
    > orbit and particularly Shuttle reentry. Many cited real-time information 
    > provided by NASA-TV. No, I don't think these topics are FAR from
    > visual satellite observing, in fact they are quite relevant.
    I think NASA-TV is somewhat relevant to visual satellite observing, but
    not a whole lot (and as a tool I do not find it comparable to Skymap or
    SpySat, neither of which have seen such a long thread on SeeSat-L). I
    think it was fine for just a few messages, but now the discussion has
    become too long and technical. I would like to suggest to keep discussion
    of "which dish to use to receive NASA-TV" off the list in the future. If
    someone volunteered to compile the conclusion of this discussion and send
    it to either me or Jeff (, I'm sure we could find a
    place for it on the VSOHP Web pages.
          Bart, SeeSat-L administrator.
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