Decay watch: 2000 Feb 11

From: Alan Pickup (
Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 12:20:14 PST

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    #9854 = 77- 15 B = Cosmos 895 r
    SpaceCom has issued the first decay warning for this SL-3 rocket,
    predicting the decay for Feb 14 17:12 UTC +-2d. My calculations give Feb
    14 11:13 +-16h. This is not well placed for most of us. It enters
    eclipse while northbound near 52 deg S at ~03h local time. Eclipse exit
    occurs while northbound near 74 deg N at ~-6h local time.
    #25769 = 99- 30 B = Starshine
    Although there is considerable interest in this decay, SpaceCom has yet
    to post its first decay warning for Starshine. My current estimate is
    for decay at Feb 19 08:07 +-2d. At present, Starshine enters eclipse
    while northbound near 28 deg N latitude at about 18;30 local time. It
    leaves eclipse while southbound over the equator at 06h local time.  I
    have created a "Starshine Decay Page" at 
    which is now being updated daily with a (less technical) prediction for
    the decay; this page being linked from the official Starshine Project
    More info on both decayers is on my Decay Watch page at
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