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Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 22:25:54 PST

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    Hello All,
    Tonight I got video of the ISS at 19:30 MST using a Canon ES400V (8mm) 
    camcorder. Its rated at 0.6 Lux and has a field of view of approx. 22 degrees 
     (f/1.4). The satellite's magnitude was 0.2 and it passed between the two 
    lower  stars of Orion (Saiph and Rigel) right on time. The three belt-stars 
    of Orion were just barely visible on the video when brightness and contrast 
    were adjusted.
    Simultaneously, I viewed the ISS with my 8" LX200 using a PC23C video camera 
    (afocally). Its very difficult trying to "catch" a satellite in the 6.5 
    arcmin field of view. But I chased it across the sky and got a few good video 
    frames. Then I used a Snappy to print the frames.
    Send me your email address if you want to see the two *.bmp files. (900K 
    Clear Skies,
    Ted Pittman
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