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From: Daniel Deak (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 17:09:55 PST

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    Hello everyone,
    Endeavour made a zenith pass as viewed from Drummondville in
    Quebec at 22:44 UTC on Feb. 17. I watched with my 20x80 and
    all I could distinguish was an elongated white object, definitely not
    a dot. I've had some problems with my eyes that prevent me from
    resolving close star-like objects, they appear surrounded by spikes.
    But an other satellite observer, Albert Cote, living nearby clearly saw
    the radar at the end of the mast separated from the shuttle. It was
    fainter but the mast itself was not visible. He was using his 11x80
    binoculars. What helped to see this was the blue background sky.
    It it would have been totally dark, maybe the shuttle itself would
    have been too bright, making it more difficult to separate the mast
    antenna. Since he's not registered to SeeSat-L, he didn't know what
    to expect while observing the Shuttle. Minimum range was 245 km
    and it was seen only 25 minutes after sunset.
    Starshine 1 was negative obs because of evening twilight, 7 minutes
    before Endeavour's pass.
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