Re: shuttle radar visible

Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 18:47:26 PST

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    "Can you recommend a proper diagonal/barlow/eyepiece combo for an 8" SCT?"
    Sure. I would use your favorite wide-view "moon" eyepiece. Something with a 
    20 arcminute or wider field of view. That makes it feasible to hand-track and 
    will cleanly resolve details at the required scale. If you've never 
    hand-tracked satellites with a telescope before, try chasing some airplanes 
    first. Also, align your telescope's mounting so that you are mostly slewing 
    in one dimension --makes it much easier. Think of the satellite's path across 
    the sky as an approximation to a great circle. Point one axis of the scope's 
    mounting towards the pole of the great circle. Then you can easily glide 
    along the predicted path making only minor adjustments in the perpendicular 
    dimension. In the simplest case of a pass through the zenith, just set the 
    scope up as an alt-az mounting. Also make sure your finder scope is perfectly 
    -Frank E. Reed
    Chicago, IL
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