Starshine decay

From: Harro.Zimmer (
Date: Sat Feb 19 2000 - 07:35:55 PST

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    Report time: 15.00 UTC
    1990-030B (#25769) Starshine
    I have received a lot of eMails with questions about the end of Starshine. Here
    the facts: The SpaceCom sensors reports the last contact Feb 18, around 15:05 
    The last official SpaceCom TIP report - prepared Feb 18, 22:12 UTC - shows the 
    decay on            18 February, 15:45 UTC +/- 22 minutes (34.6S, 308.9E)
    on an ascending pass over the South Atlantic.
    Tbis is well within my last MPM prediction  - 15:38.5 UTC +/- 08 minutes over the 
    South Pacific. But there some trouble comes in from a very late released (and 
    somewhat strange) ELSET 00049-601...
    Let me finally say: The decay occurs between 15:05 and 15:45 UTC over the
    South Pacific or South Atlantic.
    Berlin, Germany
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