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From: Alexander Seidel (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 04:06:23 PST

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    >      I've seen similar objects in the past, once or twice even during
    >      daylight hours - two bright objects moving parallel at speed.
    >      Definately not aircraft and not predicted.
    >      Also a flashing orange object moving South to North at speed -
    >      invisible between flashes but some flashes coming at -1 or -2 (I've
    >      not seen this for some months but I did see it several times over last
    >      Summer - early evenings directly overhead).  Again not an aircraft nor
    >      predicted. I don't know what the origin of these objects are - but I'm
    >      sure they're not alien!
    >      If anyone has any clues?
    >      Matt (53.893N. 0.273W)
    May be some terrestrial laser beams (emitted from a disco near by?)
    scanning the skies are the cause of all these strange phenomena. Surely
    no sats, no aircraft, no ufos... :-) So I am afraid - a bit off-topic
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