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From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 15:28:54 PST

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    Ruben Velasco <> said,
    > At 14:22 2000/02/28 EST, wrote:
    > >Satellites cannot travel from East to West! That would be going AGAINST
    > >earths rotation. You must have seen something else.
    > In 1997 the spanish Minisat-01 satellite was launched westwards from the
    > Canary Islands over the Atlantic. Incl: 29 retrog.  I HAD to say it :-)
    Correct, also the Israeli Ofeq satellites and a couple launched from
    Vandenberg back in the 1960s went into highly retrograde orbits.  The Ofeqs
    are around 47 deg retrograde, IIRC.  (They launched from Israel out over the
    Strait of Gibraltar to avoid spooking nervous neighbors).  There is a
    payload penalty to be paid for going into such orbits, but they're perfectly
    There are  many mildly retrograde polar orbiting satellites with
    inclinations in the 90 -100 degree range.
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